At the end or expiry of this agreement, PayPal agrees, at the merchant`s written request, to make available to the merchant`s new acquiring bank or payment service provider (“data recipient”) all available credit card information, including personal data relating to the merchant`s customers (“card information”). To do so, the distributor must provide PayPal all requested information, including proof that the data recipient complies with the network`s DSS requirements and is compliant with the I PCI. PayPal undertakes to: transmit the card information to the recipient as long as the following information is accurate: (a) the merchant PayPal provide proof that the recipient meets the network requirements (level 1 pci-DSS) by providing PayPal a certificate or report on compliance with the pcI-DSs network requirements from a qualified provider and any other information reasonably requested by PayPal; b) the transfer of this information complies with the most recent version of the network`s PCI-DSS requirements; and (c) the transfer of this information is authorized by the rules of the current network and by all applicable laws, rules or regulations (including data protection laws). Under this clause, the other terms of the agreement are enforceable if, for whatever reason, the part of the agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable. For example, if a provision of this agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable by a court or arbitrator, that provision does not infringe any other provision of this Agreement, which is interpreted and applied as if it did not contain invalid or unenforceable provisions. As a guarantee for the payment and performance of all existing or subsequent obligations existing or subsequent under this Contract or any other PayPal obligation, you grant PayPal a security privilege and interest on and for all your existing or future rights, securities and/or interest on, or under, this agreement, reserve, all funds in reserve, all reserves established at any time in accordance with this agreement and all proceeds of the previous contract. The Distributor undertakes to properly execute the instruments and documents and provide them to PayPal necessary to perfect and otherwise satisfy the right to pledge and security interests granted PayPal under this agreement. FOR RECURRING PAYMENT REQUESTS, IF YOU INDICATE A PROCESSING DATE OF THE 28TH BY THE 31ST OF A MONTH, YOU MUST USE THE “LAST BUSINESS DAY” OPTION FOR PROCESSING ON THE LAST CALENDAR DAY OF THE MONTH. Otherwise, recurring payment requirements will be processed on the dates you have indicated, unless that date falls from a non-commercial date that will result in your payment being processed the next business day. 2.1.5 Unless exceptions, restrictions, exceptions and/or exclusions applicable in the CCAC or existing data protection legislation are not provided for by law or do not authorize applicable exemptions, restrictions and/or exclusions, PayPal are prohibited from collecting, retaining, using, selling or disclosing personal data, unless it is necessary to carry out the payment processing services mentioned in the agreement between the parties. The payment agreement to pay is an agreement between the person who wishes to make the payment (Biller) and the bank through which the online payments are made (service). A person is liable under Section 25 of the Payment and Regulations Act 2007 and Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act if the person does not make electronic payment or credit card payments due to an insufficient account balance sheet.

If you report a problem or discrepancy, please let us know: (i) give us your name and account number; (ii) describe the error or transaction that you are not sure about and explain why you think it is an error or what additional information you need; (iii) tell us the dollar of an alleged error; and (iv) for an invoice payment, tell us the number of the account that was used to pay the bill, the applicable name and the recipient`s account number, the date of the