On 23 July 2020, as part of the economic recovery plan for businesses and the Community, the Government announced a reduced interest rate of about 100 million 3% per year on non-COVID-19 tax debts. Subjects who enter into staggered payment agreements with Revenue by October 31, 2020 may benefit from the reduced rate as of the date of this agreement. The 3% rate represents a significant reduction in standard interest rates in the event of a tax late payment of 8% and 10% per year. If you live near a state line, please look for tax workshops, meetings and seminars in nearby towns in the neighbouring state. While it is recommended that taxpayers pay taxes where possible, we recognize that tax-paying difficulties are an inevitable effect of the covid-19 pandemic. You will find an explanation of how the first two steps in practice work in the manual: Registration: Visit the SCORE – Southeastern Connecticut website, call 860-388-9508 or send an email score579@hotmail.com.Sponsored by: SCORE – Southeaster CT Revenue has announced a further extension of the 2020 deadline for ROS customers due to the impact of Covid-19. The deadline for payment and tax rebates is now December 10, 2020. For more information, please see The Revenue Letter 174/20. When you arrive, wear a mask and stay 6 meters away from the others. Reprogram your appointment if you feel sick. If you have terminated a monthly debit mandate in 2020, you can apply for a new participation in the system. If you have reduced or suspended your mandate, you can resume normal payments. However, if your levies are not sufficient to meet your interim income tax debt, you should take alternative payment terms.

The State of Connecticut may consider a compromise offer to pay a personal or business tax. For specific requests for payments, please continue to send your request on My Selection Questions: March 2020, suspended income collection and interest collection on late payment for January/February, March/April VAT and February, March, April PAYE (employer) debt. The liabilities were then included in the VAT periods in May/June and in May and June, the payment commitments (employers). The application of an increase for late CT1 corporate tax returns for balance sheet periods, which expires in June 2019 (i.e. until March 23, 2020), is suspended until further notice. Similarly, the application of an increase for iXBRL financial statements that are late for balance sheet periods is suspended until further notice from March 2019 (i.e. until March 23, 2020). To qualify for a catch-up agreement, the following conditions must be met: you must make an appointment to visit a tax assistance centre (TAC). It is important that businesses that are having difficulty paying their taxes for the first time know that we will work with them to resolve their tax problems. With an early and reasonable commitment, we can generally agree on payment agreements that are acceptable to both the company and revenue.

Although the Revenue Service (SRD) is not a credit institution, we understand that there are times when taxpayers have temporary and legitimate financial difficulties and need extra time to pay a tax debt. Note: To obtain services, you are required to provide a photo ID and a tax identification number, for example. B a Social Security number.