Note: In order to facilitate the recognition of accredited reports and certificates, the membership accreditation mark is listed below. Please click below for the corresponding MRA offers. On October 6, 2010, SAC was officially recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the ENERGY STAR program. As of December 30, 2010, all ENERGY STAR partners will have to have their products certified by an EPO-approved certification body (CB) prior to their qualification. Before applying for EPO marketing authorization, the CB must obtain iso/IEC 17065 accreditation. Similarly, the test laboratory must first be accredited in accordance with ISO/CIS 17025 for testing methods prescribed by the applicable ENERGY STAR product specifications prior to the EPO`s application for recognition. Sign of International Accreditation Once a laboratory or checker is accredited, it is authorized to use exclusively the logo belonging to the relevant accreditation body that has issued its accreditation. The accredited organization can only refer to its accreditation after testing, calibration or inspections. To facilitate cross-border recognition, the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) has developed an internationally recognized sign called the ILAC sign. It will be used next to the accreditation body`s logo. The use of the ILAC brand by accredited laboratories in Singapore shows below that accreditation bodies that have signed the MRA ILAC have been peer-reviewed in accordance with ISO/CIS 17011 requirements to demonstrate their competence.

The search for ILAC MRA signatories contains an updated list of all ILAC MRA sub-contracting accreditation bodies, including their contact information, the extent of its recognition and the initial signing date of ILAC MRA. This list of ILAC MRA signatures can be printed by clicking on the red printer button on the signatory search page. The PDF version of the list of signatories to ILAC MRA is also available for download. The key objective of ILAC is to build confidence in the competence of the organizations that conduct and support these activities by concluding an international agreement among accreditation body members on the basis of peer review and mutual acceptance. This means that accreditation by one of the EA-MLA members is as trusted as the accreditation provided by each signatory to the IAF agreement or the ILAC ACCORD. ILAC MRA connects existing regional MR/GWGs with recognized regional cooperation agencies. For the purposes of ILAC MRA, and on the basis of ILAC`s assessment and recognition of regional MRA/MLas, ILAC delegates its recognized regional cooperation bodies for evaluation, monitoring, reassessment and related decision-making regarding the status of signatories to accreditation bodies who are full members of ILAC (signatory to ILAC).