In addition to the entire property, it is possible to hold property with other parties, even if this is not the case where the parties are not related to each other. In addition, rental interest may be purchased and transferred in the same way as property units, subject to possible restrictions on the lease. The greatest interest in freehold real estate is a usufruit or a right to use the property in question and to benefit from its profits and/or its products. This excludes the right to transfer or demolish the property. A usufruit is always linked to the property itself, which ends after 99 years or after the death of the person to whom the right has been granted (in this context, the duration of the usufruit may exceed 99 years and last until the death of the person over 99 years of age). Now you have an idea of what you can afford, it`s time to look for a home to buy. Real estate brokers and real estate portals allow you to sign up for daily updates of new real estate. It`s worth contacting the real estate agents in the area you`re looking for to advise you. Check out your best tips for emerging neighborhoods and don`t forget to think beyond the limits of the plate – for example, if you keep looking in the surrounding suburban towns, you could save money. We asked (through lawyers) if our seller could accommodate the originally proposed date (he took possession of a new property a few weeks ago) but we ask if it is important to be in the country or not on the day of completion.

Now is the time to get back in touch with your mortgage advisor to get you a proper mortgage and finalize the application. This is a good time to think about how you can protect your mortgage. What if the worst happens? If you weren`t there to help them financially, because of illness or death, your family could be put under pressure to deal with your mortgages, or if the lender might try to take possession of the property. Thank you for your comment. You are right, it is important to go your research before buying plan. Among the issues you should consider when applying are: – mortgage lenders — the majority of mortgage lenders are not designed for off-plan real estate, and you should check if your lender is fit to make this kind of purchase – Most mortgage offers are usually valid for six months. If your completion date is further, If real estate prices change dramatically during construction, the size of the mortgage could change – if the size of the mortgage changes, your deposit could be compromised – In some circumstances, the developer will sue you if you are unable to accommodate you, free mortgage advice from: HomeOwners Alliance Mortgage Service – London – Country A Property owners can also grant non-exclusive rights to third parties to use the property. These rights are generally referred to as service services and are binding on the rights holders of the person who granted the original right, provided they are properly drafted and recorded in the title document. (It is also possible to acquire these rights through the prescription principle if they have been used for a few years without objection.) Finally, the right to facilitation (Servitude/erfdienstbaarheid) allows the use of one property to facilitate the use of another property.