The agreed rules for the redeployment of human resources in the health, education and local government sectors are managed directly by these sectors. A redeployment period extends from the first day to the last day of work at university (i.e. your termination date). During an informal trial period, a redistribution test is still considered a redistribution throughout the trial period. However, if you launch a formal trial version, you will no longer be considered provided again, unless the trial version fails when you return to your content position and another redeployment period. As a general rule, you have been notified of the termination of your employment relationship at the same time as you were registered in the redeployment pool, and your period of re-termity will generally be at odds with your notice. Before accepting a new submission, you must consider the length of the investment that best matches your personal considerations. Considerations prior to approval of redeployment could include: in the event of redeployment, the new position should not be exactly equal, but appropriate. This position must therefore take into account the training, experience and skills of the worker. The termination regime stipulates that a position at a similar level must be discussed.

However, if the reason for dismissal has not been established, it may be a position at a lower level, as defined by the court in the north of the Netherlands. It is important to note that, although due to redeployment agreements – within the 45 km radius set in the EPI in certain circumstances – staff may be transferred between different sites, but the rules were not provided and are not used to facilitate transfer requests from individuals to deal with personal circumstances. The termination of a fixed-term contract is managed in accordance with the termination/non-renewal procedure of the university`s fixed-term contracts. If, at the end of the contract, the reason for not renewing the fixed-term contract is termination, it is likely that additional redeployment time will be granted to the redeployment company before the expiry of the fixed-term contract. If you are invited to work in a care facility further from home than your usual workplace, you should be able to obtain free accommodation for the duration of your redeployment. However, if you want to travel from home to work, you should be able to claim travel expenses for the extra distance. If you accept a redeployment, your employer is responsible for you and must take the risk of evaluating all transfer requests, including your personal safety and clinical circumstances. It also means not asking you to act outside your skills. They must: workers on maternity, paternity, adoption or shared parental leave have an explicit legal right to a possible redeployment if they meet all the essential criteria for that job (if necessary, after appropriate training).