As a general rule, you do not have to pay rent if you cannot take over the lease after the tenant`s death. If your city council or housing company does not reconsider or change its decision, it could initiate ownership proceedings, which means you could be evicted. You have the opportunity to tell the court why you think you should have followed the lease and why you think the Council is wrong. You have to fill out the defense form – you will receive it from the court. If you are another member of your family and you have the right to take over the lease with other people, only one of you can take care of it. You have to choose between you – for example, if you and your siblings have the right to accept the lease, you have to decide who does it. The law implies, in each tenancy agreement, the condition that the tenant must use his house “as a tenant”. This applies whether you have a written or oral rental agreement. If you are a designated tenant in the tenancy agreement, you automatically keep the rental agreement. Your landlord can also apply for court ownership if they feel you have broken the term of the lease. If your landlord wants to end your rent for this reason, they must send you a written message and convince a court that it is useful to evict you. If your owner has supplied electrical appliances, he is responsible for their maintenance and your rental agreement can provide more information about it.

If a lease is downgraded, it will usually be for one year. After that, it will usually return to the type of rent it was before, unless your landlord decides to distribute you. You should be able to take over the lease and stay if the property was your main home and you were living with the person who died for at least a year. Most leases contain a term that states that you must allow access for repairs and list your landlord`s repairs. If you have a written or oral rental contract – there is a general understanding of the owners or their agents have access to repair work. It is worth checking the lease of the person who died if you were not in a relationship with them. He could say that someone else, such as another family member, can take the lease. If you`re not sure what type of rental they`ve had, use shelter`s rental reviewer to find out. If you think you should take the lease, but the board says you can`t, it`s worth checking that they`re going to check their decision. You may need to ask them how to request an audit. You are responsible for paying the rent if you take over the rental agreement – you usually have to pay the rent from the date the previous tenant died.

It`s worth reviewing your lease – it could say that the estate can happen more than once. It is likely that a start-up contract is a lease if it is for a fixed term of less than 2 years. You will generally not be able to accept the lease.