3. Final DeliverablesDeveloper will provide the customer, within days of approval of the final delivery items, with digital files containing development work for the customer in accordance with this agreement, on the Internet. In particular, the developer will make available to the customer: On or before the date, the developer agrees to make a fully operational project (“project”) available to the client based on the specifications provided by the client (see Appendix A). The project developed by Developer will be operational, functional and accessible to end-users (known as “users”). The customer is informed and understands that the developers will do their best to do so. However, the client understands that projects such as multimedia applications, websites and software are complicated and imperfect. The developer will attempt to correct unforeseen errors, errors and/or errors, but these efforts are based on the initial specifications, including the customer`s agreed changes. This provision is an assignment of the installed software and does not explicitly contain source code, which raises the question of how the client manages the software when the developer is no longer available for software support. A lawyer may discuss whether a trust contract with the source code is desirable and whether the exact terms of such an agreement are correct. For example, it is customary for software maintenance and support to be a separate problem from application development.

And the developer expects to be paid for this maintenance and support because time and know-how are involved. Also known as the “employment contract,” the volume of work in your application development contract should be as detailed as possible, which is done specifically in the development context. The development of the software consists of the following three phases: 11. Fees after full payment. Once the client has fully paid the developer, the developer assigns the client developer the right, title and copyright interest for the final software that the developer creates for the client under that agreement – included in the final files that the developer sends to the client for approval. The client agrees that the developer retains and that the client receives no rights, title or interest on the preliminary work or drafts contained in the work the developer creates for the client. If the client needs additional documentation, the developer will sign any other documents reasonably necessary to ensure that the rights the developer gives to the client under this agreement are properly assigned to the client. The customer agrees that the developer can use the company`s customer/name name and brands as a reference in developers` advertising materials. The client also agrees that the developer, if it refers to the developer`s work for the client, may include a general description of the work in accordance with this Accord.12. Right to make changes.

Developers accept that once the client has fully paid the developer, he or she can make changes or additions to the software that the developer creates for the client as part of this agreement, which the customer deems necessary at the customer`s discretion, and the customer may require others to make such changes or additions, without further payment to the developer. The client accepts that if the customer asks the developer to make changes or additions to the software after the client has approved the final files, the client and developer negotiate a separate additional payment for the developer`s time to make such changes.13 Rights To Know-HowDeveloper can integrate into the Developer software created for the client various existing development tools, routines, subroutines, programs, data or materials (know-how). The client agrees that the developer retains all rights, titles and interests, including all copyrights, patent and business secrets on this know-how. The developer accepts that the client, after fully paying the developer, obtains a non-exclusive, permanent, global license to use the know-how in the software created by the developer for the client under this agreement.