Do you have more than one OMERS membership? If you have separate affiliations with different OMERS employers or even with the same employer, either at the same time for different jobs or for another period of employment, a separate FLV statement is provided for each affiliation. Each member is identified by the last two numbers of the member number (z.B -01 or -02) in Part C of the FSCO 4 family law form. Each member has its own FLV as a separate property for compensation purposes. Membership status may also vary (for example. B former or retired membership), so the types of forms may be different. Form P9 – the benefit-sharing agreement can be used to fulfill the requirement of an agreement, according to Part 6 of the Family Law. DO NOT USE THIS FORME IF you already have a written agreement or order that divides benefits. Split pension arrears that are not deducted from a retired member`s pensions from the FLV date on the month of settlement (plus interest) that extends over the supposed life of the member. Arrears increase the permanent deduction of the member`s pension to be paid to the former spouse over the member`s remaining life – they are not payable lump sum. Note: This form cannot be filled out by a non-oMERS member. Former spouse Non-member spouse of a member of OMERS, whether separation or divorce is officially concluded or not. If both parties are members of OMERS, the spouse is the spouse mentioned in Part D of the FSCO Family Law Form 1.

A member can contact OMERS for an estimate of the CAR pension on the FLV date. With the member`s agreement, OMERS will also continue to form the estimate to the member`s former spouse. The amount is only an estimate of the CAR benefit – the member or former partnerTooltip must receive his or her own independent assessment of CAR`s performance. A: Yes. OMERS cannot manage the payment (transfer or distribution of the pension) of the defined benefit benefit benefit of the plan, which is more than 50% of the FLV indicated in the FSCO Family 4 Act (updated with interest until the month of billing). The 50% limit applies per member (for two members). In addition, for transfers, OMERS cannot manage a full lump sum transfer in a matrimonial debt document if all funds already come from the plan. If partial benefits have been paid, OMERS cannot include the marital portion of the benefits already paid in the transfer. Arrears are the shared pension that was not deducted from the FLV date on the billing month (plus interest). It is not a lump sum payable; On the contrary, it increases the deduction of the member`s pension, which must be paid to the former spouse, the remaining life of the member. The following forms must be completed and submitted to the Pension Administration before a payment is made.

OMERS will create a FAMILY law form FSCO 4 – Statement of the Value of Family Law (FLV) within 60 days of receiving a completed application. This document shows the value of the pension rights incurred during the relationship and the maximum amount that OMERS may be required to pay to your former spouse in the event of a pension split.