Parallel to the third agreement, the U.S. Department of Justice settled criminal proceedings against Volkswagen AG by arguing for crimes of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and importation of goods by false statements; and U.S. Customs and Border Guards have resolved civil fraud involving Volkswagen from illegal importation of affected vehicles. Details of these resolutions are not on this page. If you want to switch to the latest model, or if you may want to try another vehicle, you can replace your current vehicle with a new vehicle with your solution agreement (PCP). You must settle the existing agreement and then ask us for a new agreement (subject to application and acceptance). Your local dealer is at your disposal to manage the entire process and ensure a smooth transition between your current vehicle and your new vehicle. You can contact them via the links below: Volkswagen Audi SEAT `KODA Volkswagen Porsche Bentley Utility Vehicles Once you have chosen your Volkswagen and you have opted for your first rental, You must make three decisions that affect monthly rent payments:Your rent payment period Choose a period between 12 and 48 months miles per yearCompliez how many miles you expect each yearServicingSelecting a service, maintenance and tire plan in your contract. You can also call the 24-hour automated billing line on 0330 100 8926. Make sure you have your contract number handy (this is the long number of your contract document starting 0000440) with a pen and paper. A copy of your billing number will also be available. The 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia are the beneficiaries.

Each state, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia receive a specific allocation of funds that can be used for each of the eligible shares listed. The allocation structure is based mainly on the number of Volkswagen vehicles registered within the recipient`s limits. Tribes have a separate process to become a beneficiary, in accordance with the tribal trust agreement. For more information on the tribal trust, visit From updating your payment data to managing fines to transporting your vehicle abroad, you`ll find all the information you need to keep control of your agreement. A rental agreement does not have the option of owning the vehicle. However, after the end of the contract, our agents at British Car Auctions can offer the vehicle for sale. For more information, you can contact the BCA Driver Sales Team on 01625 417991 or visit At the end of a Solutions (PCP) contract you have the choice of 3 options: A simple lease without having to own it. When your agreement expires, your vehicle will be subject to a contractual check by our collection agents. If you no longer want to keep the vehicle at the end of the agreement, you can give it back to us. You must continue to pay all monthly rents and the ability to purchase fees, and additional fees may be charged if you have exceeded the agreed mileage or if renovation costs are incurred after our inspection and pickup process.

Our collectors will try to contact you 6-8 weeks before the end of your agreement in order to agree a good time for the inspection and pickup of your vehicle. Optional final paymentSe of lower refunds by setting aside an amount until the end of your agreement (optional final payment) The ease of leasing a new Volkswagen is easier than you think. Without having to leave the sofa, you can browse the assortment, get an offer, enter into a rental agreement and arrange a quick delivery to your dealer. Click below to learn more If you need to extend your contract for a longer period, we offer a formal extension of 6 or 12 months for a revised monthly rent.