There is no monthly service charge for Bill Pay. However, the SDP service has a service fee. Account fees (for example. B the monthly service, the overdraft) can be generated on the finance account. You`ll find more information about account fees in the account agreement you received when you opened your account. For more explanations for other possible fees and charges, see section 6 (a) above. “It is essential that consumers have safer and more fluid access to their own financial data in order to strengthen their modern financial life,” said Sima Gandhi, Director of Business Development and Strategy at Plaid, and our collaboration with Wells Fargo will enable our common customers to enjoy the best of fintech innovations for years to come. We are particularly excited by Wells Fargo`s leading approach to improving user control and transparency by ensuring compatibility between the Plaid platform and Wells Fargo`s Control Tower. The partnership between Plaid and Wells Fargo, focused on trust and cooperation, explains how traditional banking and technology companies can jointly innovate. This section represents the arbitration agreement between you and us and involves a reciprocal waiver of collective actions. It settles disputes concerning the following disputes, known as “covered litigation”: if an authorized account is held by more than one person (common account) or has an authorized representative or delegate, anyone can give us instructions (written, electronically or orally); Make any decision Get information or apply for the account and associated online financial services, as long as this is authorized by accounting account agreements.

In combination with other applicable Wells Fargo agreements, as described in Section 1 (b) of this Agreement, this agreement is the agreement between you and Wells Fargo with respect to the Service. It merges and replaces all existing and simultaneous written or oral agreements and agreements on online access. Any holder of a legal account, a person who applies for a legal account or a legitimate beneficiary entitled to online access to a trust and investment management account, or an authorized delegate or representative. Print the entire current agreement (PDF) with expanded tabs. For more information, check out the agreements for your online financial accounts and services. You have the right to stop or change planned invoice payments if you make: (1) this in Bill Pay`s secure online session or through a call to Wells Fargo online customer service at 1-800-956-4442 and (2) submitted your request in a timely manner to give us a good opportunity to respond before paying your bill , cash or otherwise, to pay your bill. For more information, visit Pay Pay Guarantee.